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On occasion it is good to get out of the day to day grind. We have found that hosting clients to various events on occasion helps build relationships with our clients thereby increasing understanding and camaraderie which ultimately results in a more productive workplace.

These events also make for good networking opportunities and much needed stress relief. The value gained from all parties involved shows that hosting such events is one of our greatest investments. We have had clients such as building companies save 15% on materials through another of our clients that manufactures building materials who in turn are making more via liaising with each other.


Wholesalers, Distributors, Manufacturers, caterers, IT companies etc. etc. have benefited since we cater to most industries who otherwise would not be exposed to such opportunities. LHR has a policy to only deals with respectable companies, our clients know this and exploit it.

Our data has shown following these events our staff are more motivated and energized with fewer mistakes and overall higher average KPI`s. We have heard similar stories from our clients. We understand that the most valuable asset in any business of any size is its people, take care of the people and the people take care of the business.

These events are not an expense, they are just another necessary component in the LHR strategy and another example of what sets us apart from our competition. The potential benefits from attending these events are too numerous to quantify!

Who would have thought having a night out to let your hair down would have such a significant impact on those involved?

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